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Canada Delivery
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International shipping directly to your doorsteps
  Canada package fowarding of items from private sellers or online shops who may not offer international shipping or don't have reasonable rates.

• Safety & Security:
Our security policy protects sellers and buyers from fraudulent activities. We make sure that you receive the correct item.

• Shipment Consolidation:
You buy UNLIMITED  items from various sellers in the US and want them shipped overseas together at a much lower cost. We consolidate shipments for you and save you money.

• Shipment Repackaging:
Your seller packs the item in a way not suitable or cost effective for overseas shipment. We repackage items for you.

• Shipment Inspection:
You would like to have your shipment or item condition inspected by an independent third party before it ships overseas. We inspect the items for you.

• Shipper Selection:
You choose which Carrier you would like to use and how your items are shipped overseas. We provide rate quotes for USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL to you.

• Customs Formalities:

   Appropriate customs documents included with your shipment. You give the item description and item value. We prepare the customs documents.

• Item Storage:

You can store your items at WEBSKYME.COM until all your items arrive for a combined overseas shipment.

• Payment Processing:
You can pay via credit card, PayPal or transfer the money locally via a bank transfer. WEBSKYME can also pay for your items on your behalf if you need help with your online shopping purchases.

Special Note:

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