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How It Works

Register with Webskyme and get physical address in USA it'll take less then 2 minutes!

SHOP INTHE USA & SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD – SAFER, EASY AND INEXPENSIVE!  You ll know what it has arrived as soon as it reaches us, you in charge of your packages and decide when you want us to ship it to you, next day, in a week or every month! 

Our state of the art facility allows us to fulfill all your orders and ship to over 220 countries. We can professionally repackage and include your own brand and invoice in every outbound shipment, so your customer can think that you have a global reach!


Services provided

Shop online just like you live in US
Most of U.S. online merchants and suppliers do not ship overseas. Even if they do, they do charge high shipping rates. Compare the savings you will enjoy by using Webskyme forwarding service for your US purchasing over the services offered directly by suppliers and online merchants. Through our merchandise consolidation and shipping services, you will save thundreds of dollars. You simply won’t find a better value for your money!

Auto Export Worldwide
As the most competitive single-country automobile market, the US tends to have the lowest new and used cars prices around the world. Contact us for the lowest price on any brand new, used, exotic, vintage/classic or armored car on the US market. We offer wholesale pricing to import/export brokers, dealers and wholesalers worldwide. 

Webskyme shop card
Use your Webskyme shop card at any online store. Choose a reloadable card or a non-reloadable card, therefore you can choose to top up or not . You can use this card multiple times as long as you have enough balance available. With the reloadable card once the balance is used, you can add more money into it. With the non relaodable card you can still order a new card any time.

Return and Exchange
Any shipping, duty, tax, or importation fee or charge associated with an international return is solely the responsibility of the purchaser. Webskyme will not cover any charges associated with shipping any item(s) back to the United States and reserves the right to refuse returns in the event that any duty, tax, or importation fee is requested upon delivery back to our facilities.. 

International shipping cost depend not only on the weight of your packages but their sizes as well. Generally, the smaller the package the less it will cost. We assess all incoming packages at our warehouse facility (your US address) to determine if they can be repacked either through cutting down the size of the package or using a different packaging material altogether. If repacking is feasible, you will be offered the option when you choose to ship internationally
Buisness fulfilment
Our company provides warehousing services in the ports of Miami, New Jersey, Boston, Houston and Los Angeles.We can help you expand your market and reach the US market place by store your inventory and drop shipping your products directly to customers withouit having to worry about international shipping costs, repackaging and dealing with US customs. We take the mystery out of order fulfillment while you stay focused on your business..


Tips and more..

Shipment reception and processing
Once your goods have been received at our facility, all packages will be inpected to ensure invoice is included, content of packages match the invoice, there is no visible damage to the contents, and the items received are permitted for import to your country. After cleared for processing packages are weighed and measured to calculate international shipping charges. 

Personal shopper
Use our personal shopper service whenever you encounter an american merchant that does not accept your way of payment. With our personal shopper service, you will never worry about how to pay for your purchases again! Let Webskyme be your personal shopper, saving you time and creating an exclusive shopping experience!  Our services to individuals living abroad who would like to purchase goods in the USA.

Free 30 days storage 
Webskyme recognizes the need to ship your items out when the time is right. But while you still shopping and not ready to comlete your shipment, we ll give you flexibility to choose just how long you require to hold your stuff before it shipped to you. 

US address
We provide our members with a genuine US street address that all US retailers will accept as a valid US shipping address. Sample address:                 Your name                                               2650 Ocean Dr Suite 112-300                 Dallas, TX 75045                                       (Address shown above is example) 

Mail forwarding Serivice
Webskyme also provides our members with a unique Mail Forwarding Services to those living abroad, eliminating the difficulties encountered receiving in-house mails, such as bank letters, statements, magazine subscriptions, US catalogs etc. We will conveniently forwarded to your address anywhere in the world!
Discounted shipping rates
Most of the US retailers and online stores  do not ship internationally and even if they do, it is very expensive. We are offering convenient and discounted rates for international shoppers. You will save you up to 70% just on shipping!
American stores to your doors! 
We mostly ship with world renowned companies like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, so that your packages will be delivered in a timely manner.
Service and solutions guaranteed to meet your expectations.