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Privacy & Security

  BY REGISTERING FOR A WEBSKYME ACCOUNT, YOU ARE ENTERING A LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT WITH WEBSKYME, ON BEHALF OF YOURSELF AND/OR THE ENTITY YOU REPRESENT. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND WILL COMPLY WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS: The services offered by Webskyme llc or www.webskyme.com, are provided to you under the terms and conditions of this Terms of Service ("Terms of Service"), and any operating rules or policies that may be published by at the URL: www.webskyme.com (the "Service"). We recommend that you print or electronically retain a copy of this document. These terms and conditions explain Webskyme obligations to you and your obligations to Webskyme, and they govern your use of the Webskyme website, the use of your Webskyme account, and the Webskyme services provided to you. Webskyme reserves the right to open and inspect all items delivered in your name without notice to you.

 Scan Security - First, mail is never scanned without your consent - if you are concerned about an especially sensitive piece of mail, you can simply have it forwarded to you unopened. When you do have mail scanned, however, it is not outside of its envelope for any longer than is necessary to complete the scan, and the entire scan area is under video surveillance. Once the scan is complete, the mail is returned to our secure storage area.

Employee Security - Our employees undergo a complete background check before they are hired, and we do our best to ensure that they are trustworthy individuals. Additionally, our entire warehouse, including the scanning and processing areas, are under constant 24/7 video surveillance. Non-employees are not allowed anywhere in our mail receiving, processing or storage areas unless accompanied at all times by an employee.

Storage Security - We keep track of each individual Package by tagging it with a tracking barcode containing a unique 8-digit item number as soon as it is received. Mail and Packages are carefully filed and remains safely archived and trackable until you request that we scan, forward, or destroy it.

Account Security

 You will receive a confidential password and receive a US address with your own unique number when registering for a new account with Webskyme. Customer shall maintain the security and confidentiality of the password. Customer is responsible for all directions, orders, notifications, expenses incurred or other actions that may occur through use of the Customer’s account. Customer must immediately alert Webskyme of any fraudulent, unauthorized, illegal or suspicious use of the service or any other breach of security or unauthorized or illegal activity that is reasonably suspected by customer. We will fine and close any accounts involved in fraud.


Personal Information

 Do not share your Webskyme me personal information. For your convenience, Webskyme provides the option to pre-pay Duties and Taxes. These fees are calculated and charged by customs in your country. If you choose to pre-pay Duties and Taxes, you may avoid customs delays and we guarantee that you will not be asked to pay anything when your order arrives.


If you do not choose to pre-pay Duties and Taxes, you will be responsible for Duties, Taxes, and any related charges when your order arrives in your country. If Customer refuses to accept packages or parcels from Webskyme mailed or forwarded to Customer pursuant to this AGREEMENT, Webskyme may return the mail or package to the original sender and charge the Customer for any return postage and all other fees and expenses reasonably incurred by Webskyme in connection with such returns. Upon the request of Webskyme, the Customer must sign for or otherwise acknowledge its acceptance of all packages and parcels sent to Customer by Webskyme.

Shipment Security

Webskyme includes basic order descriptions and values with the customer shipment(s), to facilitate custom clearance of packages when they arrive to the destination country. The customer is however responsible of paying all duties and taxes to his country and of providing detailed commercial invoices, if requested, to the customs office in his country, to clear his package(s) through customs for delivery.


The customer will be held liable for return shipping (if applicable), duties and taxes (if incurred), and for all other associated fees when any of the following circumstances occur:

Refuses delivery of your parcel for any reason.
The carrier makes 3 unsuccessful attempts to deliver his parcel to his address because he was not at home and/or did not pay duties and taxes.
Customer provided an invalid address.
Parcel is returned by customs because your merchandise is restricted from import into his country.
Refusal to pay duties and taxes.
 Customer to return a " Buy for me Order that he has already received for whatever reason. (We send the customer a copy of the order confirmation when the Concierge Order is placed, and he is responsible of notifying us of any inconsistencies before we receive and forward the concierge order to him)
  If any of the above occurs, the package(s) will be abandoned and the customer will be billed for any additional fees. Absolutely no refunds will be issued.

Dimensional weight may apply on bulky, lightweight packages. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, then the dimensional weight will be used as the billable weight for the shipment. For your convenience, the actual weight, dimensional weight and dimensions for each box will be visible on your account when your package arrives at our warehouse. For more information about the dimensional weight, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimensional_weight

All Packages are shipped on a limited liability basis. In no event shall Webskyme be liable to anyone for any indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, incidental, consequential or other damages of any type or kind. In no event shall Webskyme be liable to anyone for any direct damages of any type or kind (including lost profits) from performance of the Webskyme Service.

The Shipping calculator shows results for the discounted shipping rates available to the selected destination. All shipping rates are shown in US dollars. Packages weighing more than 100 lbs. can also be shipped with Webskyme but will have a custom quote. The shipping carriers that is available on the Shipping calculator forward packages. The discounted shipping rates displayed on Webskyme.com and on any of its pages, including replies with custom quotes for heavy cargo weighing more than 100lb, are confidential and intended solely for the addressee(s) and may be legally privileged or prohibited from disclosure. If you are not the named addressee, you are on notice of its status and may not use copy or disclose this information to any other person. To do so could be a breach of confidence and unlawful.

Webskyme shall be excused from performance of its obligations, in whole or in part, under this Agreement if the failure or inability to perform is caused by reason of Force Majeure. "Force Majeure" as used herein means acts of God, fire, flood or other natural catastrophes, electric, communications or other utility outages, national emergencies, civil disturbances, insurrections, riots, wars (declared or undeclared), epidemics, strikes or labor disputes, actions or restrictions of an governmental authority, or causes not within the reasonable control of Webskyme.com